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March 2024 Newsletter

Devotion Thought

This month for devotions, we learned about Joppa, Mizpah, Nazareth, and Philippi. Uncle Frank told us about Joppa. We learned of Tabitha who got sick and died at Joppa. In Acts 3:39 it says that the widows were showing Peter coats and garments that Tabitha had made. These were likely garments that Tabitha had made for the widows. The lesson that we can take from this is that we need to be like Tabitha and give to those in need. Uncle Josh taught us about Mizpah. When Jacob ran away from Laban, he went to Mizpah. When Laban caught up to Jacob they had an argument. Jacob then brought the conversation back to God and Laban and Jacob made a covenant and were reconciled. Something we can learn from this is that we need to keep our promises, and that if our brother has something against us, we need to reconcile with them (Eph. 4:26, Matt. 5:23-24). Uncle Wayne talked to us about Nazareth. Nazareth was a place with a bad reputation, but this is where Jesus came from. This goes to show that we cannot judge a book by its cover. We shouldn't be judging people based on where they come from or what they look like. Where we come from and what we look like do not determine who we are. Rather, our thoughts, words, and actions do; and we need to always make sure that we are bringing glory to God in all that we do. Lastly, Uncle Brian taught us about Philippi. Philippi was named after Philip of Macedon, who was the man that conquered the city. This teaches us that we should not be bringing glory to ourselves, but to God. He also told us about Lydia, who was a seller of purple. Like Lydia, we need to be hospitable and use what we have to help others. We also need to have open hearts and minds to the things of God.

~ Hannah Thompson


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