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October Newsletter

Morning Devotion Thoughts

Throughout the month of September, we've started looking at some of the significant places in the Bible, places like the Garden of Eden, Bethel, and Babylon. Bro. Ian Macfarlane started us off by speaking to us about the garden of Eden in Genesis 2. A main point we could take out of these devotions would be that there were two trees in the garden, one Adam and Eve could eat of, and one they could not. They had to choose whether or not they'd obey what God had told them, it was their choice, just as it is ours. We can choose to follow God or we can choose not to, we make that decision for ourselves, we therefore need to make sure we're choosing the tree of life and eternal life through our actions and thoughts. It is a decision that we need to make daily.

Next, we had Bro. Gord Macfarlane talk to us about Bethel. Bro. Gord emphasized the point that God speaks to us every day, even in the simplest ways, meaning we need to keep an ear to hear and trust that He is in control. No matter what happens, we need to keep our faith in Him strong and remember that He is always present. We then had Bro. Mark Garner come in to talk about Babylon. Reminding us of the importance of making sure God is on our side, listening to Him rather than finding worldly idols to look towards and follow. We need to be encouraged to stay away from sin and make time for God as He is our salvation.

~ Sydney Garner


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