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November Newsletter

Morning Devotions Thought

During the third week of October, Uncle Dan Wilton spoke to us on the topic "Jerusalem." God chose Jerusalem to be His city for a purpose; to manifest him and to bring forth glory to Him (Psalm 50:1-2). God chose the Jews because He loved them and He wanted to keep His oath to the fathers. The word "Jerusalem" first appears in the Bible in Genesis 14:18-20 which says, "And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine ..." The word "Salem" means peace, therefore, Jerusalem was a city of peace. Psalm 122:6-7 says that we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem. The only way we can receive peace is through our Heavenly Father. The city of peace is the future capital (Psalm 48:1-2). We need to manifest God's character and bring Him glory. We should bear His name, be an example to others, and live the truth.

~ Jayla Krajcar


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