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January 2021 Newsletter

Grade 7/8 Science Class

Message from the Morning Devotions

This month we had our high schoolers Cole, Jake, and Owen give us a week of our devotions. They taught us 3 main lessons about the life of Christ. The first lesson we learned was from Jake who spoke on the birth of Christ. Jake reminded us that we must always make sure that we are making room for Christ in our house and that we are not too proud or comfortable in our flesh to give it up to him. As well as that if there is no room in our house for Christ we need to make sure we filter out all the impurities in order to make room for him and just overall improve our life in the truth. We then heard from Cole- now Cole taught us about the baptism of Christ. He taught us about how being baptized isn’t something we do ONLY to clear our sins- we get baptized because it is God’s will and we are told to. He used Christ as an example for this because even though Christ never sinned- he still got baptized and did what God told him to do. Then finally, we heard from Owen who did an object lesson for us about how important God and the ecclesia are to helping us overcome the sins in our lives and keep the word of God with us and in our minds.

~ Sydney Garner


  • The Ancaster Rotary Centre Gymnasium and the skating rink will not be rented once a week for a month this year due to COVID-19. In its place there will be outdoor activities once a week (weather permitting) for the gr. 3-8’s in Jan. & Feb. K-2 will also arrange activities when possible.

  • The gr. 5/6 & 7/8 classes might organize a field trip that involves skating outdoors. You will receive a permission form for this activity that includes more details should this be possible.

  • WINTER BREAK: Dec. 21st - Jan. 1st. This has been extended for the elementary school by one week. Please come to school Monday Jan. 11th. CHHS will meet again Feb. 1 for the beginning of semester 2.

Jan. 14th - Please have your children dress up in their PJs. Students will also need to make sure they have warm enough clothes to go outside for recess. (No fun lunch provided.)


  • As we are unable to host our annual Banquet Night fundraiser in person this year, we will be having a Basket Drive and Virtual Banquet Night to raise money for the school.

  • Banquet Baskets can be ordered on our website at Included in your basket will be 2 CHC mugs, wooden candle holders, an 8"x10" Bible verse art print (created by one of our CHC students), local honey, jam, coffee, tea, a Christadelphian music CD, a string of lights and our famous banquet cookie box. Orders must be placed by January 23rd (or before quantities run out). When ordering your basket, there is an option to purchase children's activity boxes (which include cookie decorating kit, craft, activity and mystery gift bag).

  • Baskets will be available for curbside pickup at the school on January 30th from 10am-noon.

  • The Virtual Banquet Night will be held online on January 30th at 7 pm, God-willing. Join us for presentations, games and more. A Zoom link will be sent out closer to the event.

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