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December 2021 Newsletter

Message from the Morning Devotions

This month, in our devotions we had Uncle Frank Abel do devotions on the importance of animal sacrifice, Uncle Peter Robinson on the Cherubims, Uncle Gord Macfarlane on the topic of frogs and the lessons they show that can apply to us, and Uncle Joel Suntz on the importance of sheep and why God chose to use them. In Uncle Joel Suntz devotions he gave us lessons to take away from the scriptures about sheep, shepherds, and applying to ourselves in our daily lives. Sheep are known as innocent creatures that seem to be gentle and harmless. They tend to care for each other the best they can, like how we should be with our siblings, friends, and anyone else we meet. The way they need a leader, like us, theirs being a shepherd, and ours being the Lord. We can see ourselves as being the sheep while God and Christ are portrayed as the shepherds we should follow and obey. We are loved and guided by them through all we say and do. So like the sheep, we should be gentle and caring, watch out for each other and stay away from evil. We should be respectful and obey our shepherds, not ignoring their commandments or turning our backs towards them. “..behold the lamb of God..” John 1:29. Christ is the perfect lamb of God, who we should strive to be like."

~ By Sydney Garner


  • The last day of school before the break (December 16th) will be a half day. Please send a packed lunch with your child that day as the students will eat lunch before they head out. Pick-up time will be 12:30.

  • WINTER BREAK: Dec. 20th – Jan. 2nd ***Return to school on Monday, January 3rd.

  • Reminder: Please make all appointments on Fridays where possible. If there is an exception, please give your child’s teachers as much notice as possible so that they can prepare accordingly.

  • A big thank you to all our teachers for their hard work and dedications to raising a Godly seed and providing them with a strong education. A teacher appreciation week was held Nov. 22-25 and we thank all those who contributed to make that week possible.

  • The CHHS (Christadelphian Heritage High School) Information Night will take place at the school at 7:30pm on January 10th. It is an opportunity for the parents of current grade 8 students (and the students themselves) to see what the high school experience at CHC is all about.

Fundraising Update

A separate banquet basket fundraiser newsletter will be sent home with students this month. Please fill out the form and return to the school by December 16, 2021. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Sis. Hayley, Sis. Tarah, or Sis. Jessica with any questions or concerns you might have.

It is also time to begin planning the virtual event and the committee will be reaching out for volunteers throughout the month of December. Thank you!

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