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December 2020 Newsletter

Wacky Hair Day

Message from the Morning Devotions

This month in devotion we’ve continued looking at the beatitudes but also looked at other random topics like spiritual principles in farming. Uncle Darren brought out lessons with all the steps of farming. For example, when you're plowing you need to be looking straight to where you're going to end up, just like Christadelphians want to look straight to the kingdom. He also mentioned with planting that whatever you plant is what is going to grow. If you plant bad stuff, that's what your actions will reflect. Also, when you plant the good seed, it needs water and sunlight to properly grow, just like we need to keep doing the right thing if that's what we want to express. The last step of farming we looked at was harvesting and how, like I said, whatever we plant is what is going to grow so we need to be mindful of that.

~ By Jourdyn Hewer


The last day of school before the break (December 17th) will be a half day. Please send a packed lunch with your child that day as the students will eat lunch before they head out.

WINTER BREAK: Dec. 18th – Jan. 1st ***Return to school on Monday, January 4th.

Reminder: Please make all appointments on Fridays where possible. If there is an exception please give your child’s teachers as much notice as possible so that they can prepare accordingly.

Congratulations to last year’s grade 12 graduates: Joel Drywood and Isaac Leadbetter. They will receive their diplomas on December 16th.

The CHHS (Christadelphian Heritage High School) Information Night will take place over Zoom at 8:00 pm on December 14th. It is an opportunity for the parents of current grade 8 students (and the students themselves) to see what the high school experience at CHC is all about.

Fundraising Update

The preparation for the CHC Banquet Baskets has begun.

Although this year it will be a little different, due to COVID-19 restrictions on in-person gatherings, we are still planning a variety of activities, including a Basket Drive fundraiser. Baskets will not be auctioned but may be purchased by pre-order. Order forms will be distributed mid-December. There will be two different sizes of baskets available for pre-order, as well as some additional add-ons. Each basket will be filled with special home items, and gourmet foods, including our famous Banquet Cookie Boxes!

As in previous years, we are asking families of CHC students for small donations towards the baskets and are looking for your assistance. A letter with your child’s specific items will be sent home this week.

Currently also being planned for January is a Zoom Banquet Event. Details will follow.

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