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October 2020 Newsletter

Brantwood Farms Field Trip

Devotional Message

This month, Uncle Gerry taught us about the importance of our bibles. He told us that it should be more important than anything else we own. He had us think about treating our bible how we treat our cell phones: it should be the first thing we look at in the mornings, the thing we carry with us wherever we go, and the thing we look at the most throughout the day. It is not only that we need to have it, we need to crack it open and use it. He compared it to a walnut: to eat the walnut, a squirrel has to first break open the outer shell before it can get to the good stuff on the inside. However, Once it has broken the shell, it has to get through a second layer! We can simply read our bibles, but if we REALLY want to learn from them, we have to dig deep and FIND what God has written. There are no excuses to not knowing what God has asked. He has put it all there for us, we just need to LOOK for it!

~ Claire Robinson


  • We will not be competing with other schools in cross country running again. However, like last year we will have an in house cross country meet (Oct. 23rd) CHC will have their own meet located at bro. Scott and sis. Hayley’s house. The plan, God willing: 10:30 arrival // 10:45 - 11:15 walk of circuit // 11:30 am race all ages start (gr. 2’s are welcome to participate)

  • If you have photos from a CHC event, please send them to Brian Alexander at If there are a lot of photos, contact Brian and he’ll send further instructions.

  • Pizza Lunch will start back up this month on October 5th. Only pizza and a pre-packaged snack will be provided so fruit and vegetables should be sent with your children.

  • For picture day (8th), students should wear their clean regular uniforms.

  • Thank you for continuing to pray for God’s blessing on our school that we might be safe and happy. Please also continue to keep your family home should anyone develop COVID symptoms. So far, we have been able to prevent anything major spreading throughout the school! We understand that discretion will have to be used when determining if a child has symptoms.

  • We continue to ask that parents and other visitors do not enter the school during school hours. Please contact Bro. Josh Hodge at if you would like to make an appointment for entering the school for any reason.


It is likely that the banquet will not be able to take place this year. Normally, this is our biggest fundraiser of the year. If you have any ideas of what could replace this event under the circumstances, please let Sis. Jessica Fish know:

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