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September 2020 Newsletter

CHC Lift-off!

Imagine Adam and Eve! Imagine Noah! Imagine those living in the day of Saul! Imagine Ezra! Imagine John!

In each of their lives, a dramatic change took place in the landscape around them. A change so significant, it would have created immense anxiety, pressure to understand the change in their life, a burden to reorder their lives in some way to adapt to something completely foreign. Consider the change in the world after the sin of Adam and Eve! Consider the change in the life of Noah after he was asked to build a boat. Consider the change when Israel had a human king! Consider the change when Ezra was no longer bound to live in Persia. Consider the change when John was exiled to Patmos.

Our lives have been disrupted by COVID-19 a virus 4000 times smaller in diameter than a human hair. Some have lost work and are compromised financially. Families have been separated. Some family is impossible to see, forced to stay in their country with borders closed. Ecclesias have been operating remotely with limited ability to congregate together in person. Our school has been closed down since March 23rd.

But today marks a new day. The change is still evident, no doubt, even in our school this day, but for the first time in over 150 days our children have been reunited at CHC. The school is different and in a small way, there is that same anxiety, pressure and burden of those that we read in the Bible and have gone before us. However, today brings us great joy too! We can learn to rely on our Heavenly Father. We can learn to edify one another in our quest to help the school run smoothly. We can build our vision of the Kingdom even in these unprecedented times. After all, it is this vision that we are painting in our minds at CHC that will be the most dramatic, the most significant, and the greatest transformation this world has ever known.

Let us work together to uphold our school principles and create a vision in our minds of the Kingdom to come.

~ Bro. Josh Hodge

New School News

  • Recess will look different at the beginning of the year! Classes will be sent out for recess one at a time with the field split up into 2 to allow for cohorts.

  • Extra sanitization will take place mid-day and end of day including washrooms and other high touch areas. This will be helped by students, staff and other volunteers. Thank you!

  • Bro. Frank will be leading sessions weekly on all sorts of hands on projects. Early on this year the students will learn the art of gardening and participate in wood working.

  • We are thankful to our Heavenly Father to have this opportunity to help enrich the learning of our precious children.


  • Please call the school when your student is late or absent

  • Students are to be dropped off no later than 8:40

  • We ask that no parents enter the building without first making an appointment.

  • Lunch: 12:00 – 1:00pm. Students in K-8 eat lunch in their own classroom. Please remember there is no warming of food for lunch and cutlery must come from home.

  • The Book Road hall is not a nut free facility; students may bring items that contain nuts.

  • Dismissal is at 3:15pm, Kindergarten students will be dismissed by a personal “hand-off” from their teacher to parents. 1-4 students can wait on the grass by the hedge. 5-8 students must wait between east doors and hedge. HS students must wait on sidewalk.

  • School days are from Monday through Thursday. Fridays are home schooling days; please start early to develop a procedure by preparing students to complete school work on these days.


CHC is in need of a new coordinator for the Cards and Calendars fundraiser. If you are interested or want to find out more details, please contact Sis. Laura Mostacedo.

We thank Sis. Laura for her involvement with this fundraiser over the past number of years.

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