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February 2020 Newsletter

Message from the Morning Devotions

Throughout the month of January, our devotions have continued the study of the kings of Israel and Judah. So far, almost exclusively, the consideration has been on kings which did evil in the sight of God. How refreshing it was, then, to look at a couple of kings who did right before God. Jehoshaphat and Hezekiah were two good kings who chose to DO GOOD THINGS. We learn, from their example, not only how to avoid evil; but how to choose the right. A lesson learned from King Jehoshaphat is his decision to send the priests and the Levites among the people with the Book of the Law. They effectively went on a preaching mission to teach and bring the nation back to God. Through our preaching, we provide an opportunity for others to hear of God’s message and bring others to Him. King Hezekiah, also took the opportunity to restore proper worship to the nation of Judah. He brought back the sacrifices and correct worship in the Temple. King Hezekiah demonstrated the necessity of following the commandments of God and worshipping in the right way. Finally, both King Jehoshaphat and King Hezekiah prayed and sought God’s help when facing a strong enemy. Do we put our trust in God in the same way? Do we first pray to God when we have a difficult decision to make? King Jehoshaphat and King Hezekiah, provide positive examples from two good kings who put in the effort to DO GOOD THINGS. They teach powerful lessons for us in how we should walk before God.

~ the Grade 5/6 class

Banquet Night

The 12th Annual Banquet Fundraiser was a huge success! An ENORMOUS thank you to those who prepared decorations, food, auction items, gave their time, and all who attended and financially supported the event. We raised around $12,000!!


Ice Skating will begin Wednesday, February 5th and will continue on Wednesdays up to and including February 27th. Skating will go from 3pm – 4pm. It will take place at the Morgan Firestone Arena (385 Jerseyville Rd W, Ancaster). ***Student pick-up is 2:30 pm sharp. There is one exception to the timing. Please take note of the following!

On Wednesday, February 19th, skating will take place at 1:30 and not 3. This means pick up is 1:00 at CHC.

It is the parents’ responsibility to make arrangements for children to get to the rink, tie skates, supervise and travel home following skating. Supervision is important in case of an emergency. All students need to have skates, a helmet and an enthusiasm for getting better. Helmets are mandatory for students! Gym uniforms must be worn during skating.

We will provide an opportunity for hockey & those interested should remember their sticks and sportsmanship. Ice skating is part of our gym program and we ask that all students participate. Parents, guardians, siblings & friends are welcome to join us free of charge. Skating supports are available for CHC students (and siblings if extra are available). If you would like one for your child, it is your responsibility to store & transport for the month of February. Please contact Bro. Josh if you would like one.

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