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March 2019 Newsletter

Passover celebration Feb. 28, 2019

Morning Devotion Message

In the month of February, we took a pause from studying the Commandments of Christ and looked at the lives of strong characters in the book of Genesis. Uncle Brian Styles took us through the story of Isaac who showed the importance of obedience and the lesson of surrounding ourselves with Godly friends. Isaac and Rebekah showed great faith in their marriage, knowing that the most important thing was to marry someone in the Truth, who would help them on their walk to the Kingdom. As we are nearing the time of Passover, uncle Frank Abel has come in to talk about the significance and the background of the Passover. The Israelites were told to make unleavened bread, and in Exodus 12:15, they were also told to “put away leaven out of your houses”. They were to cleanse their house from the ‘leaven’. In Matthew 16:12, it says, “Then understood they how he bade them not beware of the leaven of bread, but of the doctrine of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees.” We also need to cleanse the leaven of the world from our lives and our houses, not just one day, but we must be working to keep it out every day of the week. When we cleanse ourselves from the ‘leaven’ of our minds, we need to fill our minds with Godly thoughts so that we do not find our houses filled with more worldly leaven than before as the man in Luke 11:24 - 26. By surrounding ourselves with Godly friends who will help us on our way, we can be strengthened spiritually, and cleanse he leaven from our lives, so that we may, by God’s grace and the sacrifice of His Son, find a place in that eternal life to come.

~ by Anna Wisniewski

CHC Fundraising

Garden Sale - May 11th, 2019

Planning for the annual CHC Garden Sale has begun!

Donations Needed!

In order for the garden sale to run successfully we will need your help.

We ask that CHC families contribute to the following garden sale initiatives:

  • Outdoor Garden Centre (i.e. plants, flowers, garden supplies, outdoor furniture etc.)

  • Handmade Market (i.e. cards, hats, quilts, bags, crafts, etc.)

  • Bake Sale/Cafe (i.e. baked goods, cafe items)

In addition, we are looking for raffle items and gift cards to nurseries.

Please contact sis. Jessica Fish about your contribution.

Or sis. Jen if it is a contribution towards the bake sale/café.

Thanks so much for your efforts!


On Thursday March 21st we will celebrate the 100th day of school (snow days count otherwise we might not make it to 100 this year!). Each student is asked to bring 100 of the same thing to share with students. Be creative! Items that have been brought in the past include: cookies, stickers, jelly beans etc. It will be a Gym uniform day (no costumes & no fun lunch that day).

EXTRA SKATING DAY on March 6th due to the snow days that inhibited the school from a couple skating sessions in February. Same place & same time.

We welcome you and friends and family to the Open House on April 11th. You will be able to enjoy an evening of presentations, choir, refreshments and a walk through the school to see the students’ work.

Sports Program

After school sports program for gr. 7-12 – Thurs. 3:30-4:30 will commence after the march break. No program will run on the 7th.

Swimming will begin April 3rd and continue until May 22nd.

Extra Ice-Skating on March 6th.

March Uniform Schedule

For the month of February, students in K-8 are to wear their regular school uniform each day of the week except for Wednesday, where gym uniforms are to be worn.

Those participating in after school sports on Thursdays, must bring their gym uniform if they want a change of clothes.

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