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February 2019 Newsletter

CHC Banquet Night Fundraiser

The 11th Annual Banquet Fundraiser was a huge success! A Massive thank you to those who prepared decorations, food, auction items, gave their time, and all who attended and financially supported the event. We raised over $15,000!!!

Special Passover Celebration Announcement

At the end of the month, God willing, the kids will take a journey back in time to the first Passover. In the days leading up to the Passover celebration, they'll focus on the story behind the Passover and the types and lessons that come from it in both their devotion and Bible studies. The week following the Passover celebration, the Bible studies will focus on the remaining spring feasts and how they relate to the Passover.

On the Passover celebration day (Feb. 28, God willing), the kids should please come dressed and prepared to leave Egypt with a staff in their hand and sandals on their feet. As part of the celebration, the fun lunch will include lamb and "bitter herbs". Please also send with your kids a shoe box by Feb. 26, so that they can spend some time after lunch creating a miniature Passover scene.

Please note that the beach day ‘fun lunch’ will be moved to the month of April replacing Bible character day due to the Passover Celebration.


Ice Skating will begin Wednesday, February 6th and will continue on Wednesdays up to and including February 27th. Skating will go from 3pm – 4pm. It will take place at the Morgan Firestone Arena (same location as the gym). ***Student pick-up is 2:30 pm sharp.

It is the parents’ responsibility to make arrangements for children to get to the rink, tie skates, supervise and travel home following skating. Supervision is important in case of an emergency. All students need to have skates, a helmet and a zest for getting better. Helmets are mandatory for students! Gym uniforms are to be worn during skating.

We will provide an opportunity for hockey & those interested should remember their sticks and sportsmanship. Ice skating is part of our gym program and we ask that all students participate. Parents, guardians, siblings & friends are welcome to join us free of charge. Skating supports are available for CHC students (and siblings if extra are available). If you would like one for your child, it is your responsibility to store & transport for the month of February. Please contact Bro. Josh if you would like one.

February Uniform Schedule

  • For the month of February, students in K-8 are to wear their regular school uniform each day of the week except for Wednesday, where gym uniforms are to be worn.

  • Those participating in after school sports on Thursdays, must bring their gym uniform if they want a change of clothes.

Sports Program

  • After school sports program for gr. 7-12 – Thurs. 3:30-4:30 will commence after high school exams – Feb. 7th

  • Skating begins Feb. 6th

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