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September 2018 Newsletter

CHC Lift-Off

It is the start of a new school year, to which we can all breathe a sigh of relief for one reason or another. Perhaps, our children are so excited to be at school that we are thankful they are finally back, perhaps we are a teacher and the unknown anxiety of the first day is now over, perhaps the routine structure of a school year helps the dynamics with our family, or in my case I breathe a sigh of relief because I see all of the many complex dynamics and the multiple volunteers fit together for a successful lift-off. Regardless of our position and interaction within the school we thank our God for the blessing of another year at CHC. While the start of the school year has taken off smoothly we would ask that all of us (students, teachers, administration and parents) continue to make the year as edifying as possible for all. To do this, we ask that you think of the following 3 words: Consideration, Honesty, & Commitment at all times. You will notice that if you take the first letter of each word and put them together you will get CHC - a helpful memory tactic. It is our desire that if we all work together to consider the results of our actions, if we are honest and discretionary with our words, and committed to the school and its principles, that we will have yet another wonderful and successful year.

Josh Hodge


  • Please call the school when your student is late or absent

  • Students are to be dropped off no later than 8:35AM

  • Parents are welcome to come in to the building and join us for the morning devotions

  • Lunch: 12:15PM - 1:00PM. Students in Grades 1-12 eat lunch in the Grade 7/8 classroom lunch area, kindergarten students eat lunch in their classroom. Please remember there is no warming of food for lunch.

  • The Book Road Hall is not a nut free facility; students may bring items that contain nuts

  • Dismissal is at 3:15PM. Kindergarten students will be dismissed by a personal hand-off from their teacher to parents.

  • School days are from Monday through Thursday. Fridays are home school days; please start early to develop a procedure by preparing students to complete school work on these days.

  • Kindergarten takes places Mondays (SK), Wednesdays (SK), & Thursdays (JK/SK)

  • Library will take place on Tuesdays

  • We ask that the first parking space closest to the building on the east side be left for Sis. Ashley's van

  • Please label all items belonging to your child - clothing, books, backpack, and lunch bag

  • Any uniform returns, exchanges, or new orders need to be given to Sis. Ashley and take place by September 13

  • September uniform schedule: Monday and Thursday gym uniform, Tuesday and Wednesday regular uniform

Sports Program

  • Grade 5-8 soccer practice (2:30PM - 3:10PM on Mondays)

  • Grade 3-8 cross country practice (3:00PM - 3:30PM on Thursdays - note the late pick-up)

  • Grade 7-12 after school activities take place at 3:30PM on Thursdays starting on the 13th.


The first major fundraiser is the banquet night in January. The first meeting to discuss its operation will take place in early October. If you plan to help and want to be involved, please contact Sis. Jessica Fish at

Calendar & Greeting Card Set

Proceeds go towards CHC

The new 2019 wall calendar and the assorted greeting card sets are being ordered now and will be available for purchase in October at $10 each. As usual, both the calendar and cards contain beautiful pictures of nature and God's wondrous creation along with Biblical quotes from the KJV. To place an order please contact Sis. Laura Mostacedo at

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