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June 2018 Newsletter

Message from the Vice Principal

What is normal? We often define normal in our own minds. For many, normal is peace and quiet.

Only days from now the abode for all the CHC students during the day from Monday to Thursday will reach that so called normal – peace and quiet. The hallways and classrooms will seem desolate, the grass yard will be able to breathe again as new blades of grass will be able to shoot up from the once well-trodden paths. The parking lot will no longer hold the vehicles of the dedicated staff as it will lie bare in the heat of the day. Everything will seem normal again, or at least normal in some small way.

Normal is just what you make it though, and for us at CHC, normal is a busy hallway, classrooms full of laughs and chatter, the worn out grass from the sprinting and playing children, and devotional messages delivered in the morning with its principles reflected throughout the entirety of the day.

At times CHC has its lulls and challenges, and it is these times that we look forward to the normal of peace and quiet. The lulls, however, are far and few between and the reality is we love the children, we love the noise, we love the energy, we love the learning, and we love the teaching because we love the school and what it is all about. We love this being normal.

As we break for the summer and the energy is no longer channeled at school, but at home, let’s remember that if our Lord remains away, we can make CHC and the energetic, playful, & Godly atmosphere normal for our children in 2018-2019.

I thank all of the staff, the parents, the children for the blessing of CHC because this is what it is – a blessing from God.

Sincerely, your Vice-Principal - Bro. Josh



June Uniform Schedule

For the month of June, students are to wear their . All other days students should wear their regular uniform. Non –graduate students should wear regular uniforms for graduation night.

CHC Garden Sale

Over $6000 was raised for the school. A special thank you to all who contributed to this most wonderful event!

CHC Garage Sale

Over $500 was raised for the school. A big thank you to the Cousens and others who contributed!

Sports Program

After school sports program for gr. 7-12 Thurs 3:30pm-4:30pm

Track & Field practices for gr. 3-8 will continue on Monday (12pm-12:45pm) and Thursday (2:45pm-3:20pm). Bring proper running shoes.

CHC Work Day - Saturday June 16th, 2018 at 9am

Lunch provided - 11:30am

Track & Field Meet - Friday June 8th, 2018

Kiwanis Field in Brantford

  • Directions:

  • Get on ON-403 W (4 min)

  • Follow ON-403 W to Wayne Gretzky Pkwy in Brantford. Take exit 38 from ON-403 W (13 min)

  • Continue on Wayne Gretzky Pkwy. Drive to Kiwanis Way

  • For students in grades 3-8 please arrive promptly at 9am. The event should end at ~2:45. Parents are responsible for getting their children to the various track & field events throughout the day.

  • Wear gym uniform, hat, runners that fit and won’t fall off.

  • Bring a packed lunch (there will be no BBQ like in previous years) and lots of water.

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