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May 2018 Newsletter

Devotional Message from the Grade 5/6 Class


Priorities are what you should put first because they are most important. Good examples of what we should prioritize are the Bible, wisdom and knowledge, having a good name, and planning what to do. We need to prioritize our time to God and not worldly things.

Levi Fish

A devotion which stood out for me was the one about priorities. This tells us that you need to put things which are most important first, such as Bible readings, homework, and projects.

Bethany Lawrence

Following the Captain

This devotion taught us that we can lead by following. We can follow Christ, our Captain, and set an example for people to follow us. This devotion had an impact on me, because it teaches me to set an example for my little cousins.

Harrison Macfarlane


A devotion that made an impression on me was "Net of Evils". The lesson I learned from it was that covetousness is like a net meant to put your thoughts into action so I can get something. It made an impression on me because it forces me to question what is really important.

James Drywood

Perfect Planning

We should plan ahead of time to take thought to what is important. If all we want is to be rich, then our plans will be about getting rich and we will not be able to give them up and will be harder to focus on what we really need.

Kayden Krajcar

My favourite devotion was the one that was about the coming Kingdom. The lesson is that we should be prepared for the coming of Christ. I remember it because we learned that 70 years ago, Israel became a nation. The Bible says that those who were of the generation when Israel became a nation would see the return of Christ. The life span of a man is 70 years so we know that the return of Christ will be very soon.

Hannah Thompson

CHC Garden Sale

Saturday May 12, 2018 (8am to 3pm)

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Garage Sale Fundraiser

Saturday May 26, 2018

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