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February 2018 Newsletter

CHC Banquet Night Fundraiser

Message from the Morning Devotions

by Madeline Fish

In our devotions this month we’ve been going through the Proverbs. One uncle talked about the rich and the poor, and he brought out many valuable lessons. In our daily lives, we see that God has given us plenty and we are all rich. But what we do with it is all that matters. God wants to see us give freely of what has been freely given to us. So, either rich or poor, we must give voluntary service to God’s work for it is preparation for the kingdom. It is also giving back to God what he has given to us. We must take our riches and give to the poor and if we do that, we will be repaid with much treasure in the Kingdom. A bad example of this is Laban. For even though he was rich, he did not give to God, but instead, to idols. God saw that Jacob worked hard for Laban, and as a result blessed Jacob greatly. This is a lesson to us; God sees our hard work and he will provide for us. God even numbers the very hairs of our head. Jesus is the greatest example, “For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for our sakes, he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich.”

CHC Banquet Night Fundraiser

The 10th Annual Banquet Fundraiser was a huge success! A BIG thank you to those who prepared decorations, food, auction items, gave their time and all who attended and financially supported the event. We made over $10,000!


Ice Skating will begin Wednesday, February 7th and will continue on Wednesdays up to and including February 28th. Skating will go from 2-2:50pm except on Feb. 14th where it will begin at 1:30pm and end at 2:20pm. It will take place at the Morgan Firestone Arena (same location as the gym). ***Student pick-up is 1:30 pm sharp except on the 14th where pick-up will be 1 pm.***

It is the parents’ responsibility to make arrangements for children to get to the rink, tie skates, supervise and travel home following skating. Supervision is important in case of an emergency. All students need to have skates, a helmet and gusto. Helmets are mandatory for students! Gym uniforms are to be worn during skating.

We will provide an opportunity for hockey & those interested should remember their sticks and sportsmanship. Ice skating is part of our gym program and we ask that all students participate. Parents, guardians, siblings & friends are welcome to join us free of charge. Skating supports are available for CHC students. If you would like one for your child it is your responsibility to store & transport. Please contact Bro. Josh if you would like one.

For the month of February, students in K-8 are to wear their regular school uniform each day of the week except for Wednesday, where gym uniforms are to be worn.

Those participating in after school sports on Thursdays, must bring their gym uniform to change into.

BEACH DAY (Feb. 15th) Students are to come to school dressed in clothes they would wear on a hot day at the beach. Please make sure clothes are modest and no slogans. Students are reminded to bring their own drink, snacks and warm outer wear for recess!

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