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December 2017 Newsletter

Message from the Morning Devotions

by Madyson Hewer

This month in devotions we have continued to look at various different proverbs with many different Uncles. One of the verses we looked at was Prov. 23:10 with Uncle Frank. This verse tells us to “Buy the truth and sell it not;”. In order to buy the Truth we need to acquire it by studying it and living by it. Once we have acquired the Truth we need to make sure we don’t sell it by despising it. We can despise the truth in many ways, namely by not living the truth we claim to believe or by turning our back on it. One example Uncle Frank brought us to was in Rev 3:14-18. In these verses the Laodiceans are counselled by Christ to buy gold, which represents tried faith, white raiment, which represents the righteousness of the saints, and eye salve, which represents spiritual discernment. These three things were items that the Laodiceans lacked as a result of their lukewarmness that is described in verse 15 and 16. We cannot be found in a state of being lukewarm in the truth because this is the same as selling the truth. Uncle Frank also told us that the word for ‘truth’ in this verse means firmness or something that is reliable. The truth that we have is something that doesn’t change and will keep its invaluableness unlike everything else this world can offer.


The lost and found basket is quickly growing in size. We encourage you to come and have a peek (in the storage room) to see if any of your child’s clothing items have made their way to the lost and found pile.

Reminder: Please make all appointments on Fridays where possible. If there is an exception please give your child’s teacher at least a week’s notice so that they can prepare accordingly.

In the month of January we hope to have the Ancaster Rotary Centre Gymnasium booked for 4 Wednesdays in a row starting January 10th. Confirmation and more details to follow.

WINTER BREAK: Dec. 22nd – Jan. 7th ***Return to school on Monday, January 8th.

Download a pdf version of the newsletter here.

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