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November 2017 Newsletter

Message from the Morning Devotions

By Madeline Robinson

This year in devotions we are learning about different themes in Proverbs. We are taking the lessons that we learn from Proverbs and seeing how we can apply them to our lives. We have had many wonderful devotions from different uncles in the ecclesia. In Proverbs 6 we talked about how we should consider the ant who continually works so that she will have food for the winter. Just like the ant we need to be busy in the ecclesia, so that we will be ready for our Lord’s return. We also learned about how we need to stay on the straight and narrow path and not be distracted by the cares of this life. We can make sure that we stay on the straight and narrow path by attending ecclesial functions, reading God’s word, and praying to God for instruction and guidance.

November Uniform Schedule

  • For the month of November, students in K-8 are to wear their regular school uniform every day except on Wednesdays. Students will now wear gym uniforms on swim days.

  • High school students are to wear regular uniforms every day.

  • Those participating in after school sports on Thursdays, must bring their gym uniform to change into.


  • Swimming continues during the month of November, Wednesdays 2:00 – 2:45 at the Westmount pool. The last lesson is November 22nd.

  • After swimming snacks are available for those who returned their form with payment, provided by the grade 3/4 class. The money goes towards the grade 3/4 end of year field trip.

  • Students’ first progress report cards were sent home Thursday, October 26th. We encourage you to contact your child’s teacher to discuss this report.

  • For Decade Day on Nov. 23rd please pick either the 20’s, 30’s up to the 90’s etc. and have your child dress up based on that time period. Remember that while not in uniform we still want be in harmony with God’s standards.

  • Sports Program - Students in grade 7/8 are now welcome to join the high school sports program. It will take place on Thursdays after school from 3:30 - 4:30. The program will run regardless of the weather. An activity will be carried out inside if it is raining.


to all our Heritage Hawks who participated in the Cross Country Meet at Lee Academy Friday, October 20th. A special mention goes to Zoe Abel who ran

1.5 km in 6:30 coming 13th out of 68 runners, Owen Culver who ran 2.5 km in 10:08 coming 11th out of 24 runners, and Aiden Culver who ran 2.5 km in 9:51 coming 7th out of 24.

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