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A Message from the VP!

It is now mid-October and the well-oiled machine of CHC has started up again and is off to the races

It was once September 5th, the first day of school, and the nervous energy that once walked the hallways of the little school in Ancaster has dissipated.

Now 6 weeks in everything is routine.

The teachers new to the school, no longer wonder if they can handle scores of children in the same room. Instead, they with confidence pace the classroom conducting each of the students through curriculum, activity, and fun. The teachers who have been at CHC for years, have quickly integrated new teaching strategies and seamlessly direct their class through a week’s schedule.

The new students on the other hand, who in the beginning were intimidated by the flurry of activity and foreign routines have made habit of life in the school. The students who have been at CHC for years are back to the rigorous tasks at hand and excitedly chatter about the next regular event that has been a staple at CHC for so many years.

However, for teachers and students alike, each day is not only what might seem like an arbitrary step to finishing the journey of another school year, but it is considered a gift.

It is a gift from God.

A gift because each day there is an environment, which is precious and unique. A gift because education is a blessing from God who has provided us the capability of wisdom, unlike all other living parts of creation. A gift because God is the centre of it all, whether in the morning assembly, the curriculum for the day or the resolution to a conflict at recess. It is these gifts which are the heartbeat of the school.

As we arrive each day, we all try to remember that God does not dwell in the building made with hands, but in the spirit and ethos of the individuals that it consists. Each day we remember that the gifts we receive to help run the race to end of the school year, are just stepping stones to the race which leads to the gift of eternity.

Bro. Josh Hodge

Vice Principal

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